Elonna and Rob McKibben
Photo by Barry & Lisa McLaughlin
September 7, 2010
Welcome to StrongholdOfHope.com. We are Elonna and Rob McKibben. Within this website, we are sharing our experience of overcoming cancer using unconventional healing. Through faith and the use of a product called Cancell®, Elonna overcame her aggressive Stage IV cancer in 1990. She has been cancer-free ever since.

It is our hope and prayer that as you read Elonna's Story, you will not only consider seeking unconventional healing for your illness, but also come away feeling encouraged that you, too, can overcome your illness. We feel our story is full of more than one miracle, that it shows how the power of prayer and one man's dream changed our lives forever.

Interact personally with Elonna and others at ElonnasCorner.com, a community for Protocel® users and their friends and family. We share our stories, encourage one another, and provide valuable information that you will not find anywhere else. The community is open only to members that are approved by Elonna herself, so you can rest assured that your communications will be limited to people who are going or have gone through many of the same things that you are experiencing.

Elonna can be reached by phone by calling +1-330-772-5649. She is available for phone calls at the following times (USA Eastern time zone):
  • Monday and Tuesday: Evenings only
  • Wednesday–Saturday: As available during the day or evening
  • Please, no calls on Sundays unless it is an absolute emergency